June 30, 2013
Admin Assistant Careers

Legal PA: How I Furthered My Career

I loved my job working at inputting data entries. I had been doing this job for the seven years. The atmosphere and colleagues were great. The […]
June 24, 2013

Executive PAs and moving into Projects

Increasingly, we are witnessing Executive PAs and senior PA’s becoming involved in projects. Their involvements vary from lending support to their boss who has sponsored the […]
June 17, 2013
London PA Jobs

How an Executive PA can improve their career and salary prospects

I started as a Secretary I was working as a secretary after finishing school for years and then I changed jobs after about eight years. This […]
May 25, 2013

My Second Chance at a Career after Divorce

My Life   I left school with a few GCSEs and moved into retail in a department store. My childhood boyfriend went on to college and […]
May 21, 2013
PA Jobs London

Overcoming a lack of work experience to get a new career

When we are looking for our first job or changing careers, we often find one hurdle that can seem impossible to pass which is overcoming a […]
May 8, 2013
Advanced Skills in Microsoft Excel

Help me write a CV to deal with a Change of Career

I have been working for many years and have changed my career a couple of times. Since, I had started my career working as a receptionist […]
April 29, 2013

How to Use Social Media to find a new job focusing on Twitter and Facebook

Social Media has revolutionised the way that we can find jobs and the way that recruiters find their perspective employees. Recruiters are now using social media […]
April 25, 2013

What after divorce?

I was born seven years after my sister and the last of four children. My three older sisters were very protective of me and my parents […]
April 13, 2013

Working Mums: Returning to Work After Maternity

When I got pregnant, I had discussed in depth with my partner how much maternity leave I should take. We decided that I would take my […]