Bookkeeper jobs are in every medium to large sized company. However, jobs that require bookkeeping or accounting skills are all the more prolific. Therefore, if you start developing skills in bookkeeping you can open up a wide range of openings. We will look at the different options for someone with qualifications in Bookkeeping. There are options to work in pure bookkeeping roles, to get roles that have a little bit of finance included, to get temp work or to even be your own boss. The range of work available is appealing and what’s more it is truly transferable, as every industry has this type of job within it.
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If you manage to study and gain a Bookkeeping qualification there are naturally going to be lots of jobs in Finance. You also have the option to keep studying to become an Accounts Technician or Accountant. This can be a rewarding process and your earning potential is huge. The financial services industry is keen to get people with bookkeeping skills and the range of career opening sin this industry is diverse.
There is a great deal of pure finance jobs out there and it’s a profession that will always be with you. However, the skill can also accompany your main jobs and other skills to broaden the scope of your job options and gain more authority. For example, you may need to handle the budgets in your area and this skill will mean that you are able to take these responsibilities on.


Finally, if you decide to work for yourself, you will be able to handle your own bookkeeping which saves you quite a cost. It also means that you can think about working for yourself as a Bookkeeper or a Virtual Assistant. Both of these roles will lead to you being able to manage your own career and not answer to others.

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