Events is a fast-growing, multi-billion industry. Through events, companies have the opportunity to create new businesses and thus, generate huge profits. Not only do they bring about new business opportunities, they also bring together bright thinkers from all corners of the world to one place to discuss, debate, learn and share new ideas. Therefore, companies are constantly looking for competent event managers to plan and deliver successful events.

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Why else is event management a good career to choose?

  • Mixture of skills required – Event managers require many skills to create a positively memorising and an unforgettable event. Such skills include: communication, time-keeping, multi-tasking, budgeting and many more. These are transferrable skills meaning that you can use them in new jobs or in everyday life.
  • Opportunity to work with big employers – If you demonstrate that you are a good event planner, you may be referred to or head-hunted by big employers to plan and execute their events. Events can be as small as conference meetings or as big as sporting events. Either ways, doors will open up for you and you’ll feel that the world is your oyster.
  • Potential to manage projects – Your boss may consider to ask you to manage important projects as the skills required from a project manager is similar to skills from an event manager. This is a fantastic opportunity as you are able to handle something different to what you usually do. Think of it as taking a breath of fresh air or a change in scenery.


Event Management is a Good Career

Do you wish to become an event manager but you don’t know much about the events industry? Well, get your foot in the door by taking an Event Management Course with Souters. This one-day practical workshop is taught by an experienced professional. At the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of how best to approach an event and the soft-skills needed.

Mind you, this course is CPD accredited. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. It is internationally well-recognized. If you have this on your CV, employers will know that you have the skills and knowledge to perform well on the job. Thus, the odds of you getting a job as an event manager will increase, significantly.