Gaining an AAT qualification will stand you well regardless of the profession that you are working in. This is because the need for Finance skills cuts through organisations and very few people are able to escape without encountering Finance, Bookkeeping or Accounting responsibilities throughout their careers. PAs and Administrators are often asked to make postings for expenses or to maintain a budget in their financial systems at work. There are too often people that are working in Finance or doing task for Finance in their roles that do not fully understand the details of the process that they are completing. Getting an AAT Qualification will provide the deep level of understanding that is required to understand and perform your role.

The AAT Qualification is also widely recognised there are 125,000 members across the world and the qualification is needed to apply for many jobs in Finance. The qualification fits into the National QCF and it is recognised by Chartered Accountant qualifications with exemptions from their exams.

AAT Bookkeeping Courses

The key thing is that putting AAT on your CV is a keyword that recruiters are likely to understand and be keener o push you into the jobs that you deserve.

In the modern job market, getting the key qualification and skills is so important to gain the edge over your rivals.

Finally, AAT now have options to gain a recognised qualification quickly. The AAT Bookkeeping Courses Level 1 and Level 2 are ideal for someone looking to gain their qualifications quickly and relatively affordably. You can attend classes in London now for £499 with a live tutor who is a Chartered Accountant. The pass rates have been very high using this method of teaching. You can complete each level full-time within a week. Or you can do it over the evenings and complete it over 8-10 weeks with 2 hours a week.

This format of learning is ideal for people eager to gain skills and qualifications and not keen to spend time waiting for their college to enrol at the beginning of the year and not wishing to spread the course over a long period of time.

This development in the AAT Training Qualifications will enable more people to gain the career they desire and deserve faster and at less time and cost.

If you would like to find out more about this format of AAT Training please go to:

AAT Qualification

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Souters has for a long time been a specialist in training for vocational careers and the AAT Qualification using their formula for training has been a great success for students.