PA and Executive Assistants need to diversify their range of skills increasingly in the modern workplace. Adding Bookkeeping Skills to your repertoire will help you be differentiated from the competition for jobs is tougher than it has been in the past. As a result, executives are losing some of their traditional support team after cuts and this has led to pressure being placed more on existing staff. One type of staff that often receives new tasks in this situation is a PA.

Learn bookkeeping to boost your CV
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In this working environments, PAs are being forced to increase their skillset and knowledge in order to meet a demanding workplace. One area that is important for a PA to gain skills is bookkeeping and gaining a limited knowledge of accounts. Why you may ask?

  • To understand budgets in the office that are handled by managers in meeting. Understanding how accounts and budgets work will enable you to take more useful minutes at any meeting where there is finance being discussed.


  • If your role includes any office manager types of tasks such as managing your own team’s expenses and budget you will need to have a sound foundation in bookkeeping and computerised accounts packages.


  • If you have to prepare presentations they are very likely to have some financial information, it is better if you understand the rational behind any information going into a presentation sent out by yourself.
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  • In order to liaise with Executives this knowledge will enhance your image in the company as you will seen as capable of handling more issues.


  • Small companies may require a PA or VA that has the ability to provide limited bookkeeping and accounts support.

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