Administration assistants have an important responsibility to keep the office running smoothly to enable all workers to fully focus on their respectable tasks. Without them, the efficient running of the office would start to crumble apart and become dysfunctional. As admin assistants, you must be on the ball at all times as you must carry out a range of administrative tasks. Here is a decriptions of what is included and expected in job roles for an Administration Assistant.

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Admin assistant jobs will include these job specifications:

  • Understand policies, procedures and codes of practice of the business
  • Understand organisational charts
  • Have knowledge of legislation and compliance
  • Have knowledge of equal opportunities of diversity
  • Understand the importance of customer focus
  • Delegate and supervise workers
  • Prioritise tasks
  • Know how to prepare important business documents
  • Set targets and budgets
  • Know about different management styles
  • Have good communication and time management skills
  • Work in a team with other Admin and Office Managers
  • Know how to file and keep records.

Admin assistant Jobs

If being an administration assistant interests you, I advise you to take an Administration Course or an Administration Diploma with Souters. Both are designed and taught by experienced professionals so you can rest assured that you will receive supportive and quality training. By taking the course, you will learn the key skills and knowledge, as listed above, through a fun mixture of theory, interactive sessions and practical exercises. The diploma is an extension of the course. Not only will you learn everything covered in the course, you will also learn valuable MS skills required by most employers.

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On top of everything, both qualifications are CPD accredited. (Continuing Professional Development) The CPD accreditation is required by many professional bodies such as accountants, barristers, solicitors and many more. Having a CPD qualification demonstrates to employers that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform well on your job. It is internationally well-respected, therefore having a CPD qualification on your CV will increase your odds of becoming an administration assistant, substantially.