Advanced Executive Assistant Course – Communication and Negotiation



An Advanced Executive Assistant Course that will aim to optimise your communication and negotiation skills. The course will increase your ability to empathise and understand the thought processes of others and enable you to get on their wavelength. The course aims to enable Executive Assistants to communicate more effectively and in so doing, increase both personal & team performance. This will help you to build work relationships with teams, direct reports, customers and other stakeholders.

Advanced Executive Assistant Course

Course Format

This is a highly interactive workshop; there will be plenty of opportunities for you to practice communication skills and receive personalised feedback. Roleplay will enforce learning. Training takes place in Virtual Classroom.

Course Content

  • Understand how we each prefer to receive and send information; How our communications are influenced by our senses
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively in both business and private situations
  • Use active listening and powerful questioning techniques
  • How to find out what truly matters to the other person; How we filter, distort and delete information and how to use this knowledge to increase understanding
  • Mastering non-verbal communication; Getting on someone‘s wavelength
  • How to bring people to one side and avoid conflict/misunderstanding

Dates and Duration

Course length: 1 day 10.30 -16:30

Suitable for

The course is ideal for Executive Assistants, Executive PAs or similar roles that need to build their communication and negotiation skills. the course has a focus on how to deal with communication skills at the executive level of your organisation.


  • Enhance communications with internal teams, customers, suppliers and other collaborators
  • Learn how to influence others more successfully
  • Create better alignment of individuals and teams with the goals of the organisation
  • Reach goals faster and more effectively
  • Negotiate more effectively and gain a greater understanding of other people’s decision-making strategies
  • Avoid costly misunderstandings and the resulting decrease in performance
  • IEAA Certification upon completion.

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15th March 2024, 20th June 2024