Advanced Executive Assistant Course – Personal Effectiveness



Our Advanced Executive Assistant Course focuses on personal effectiveness and individual performance. We examine together obstacles to obtaining top-level performance and provide ways to overcome them.

We consider and assist you to implement as necessary all actors which can lead to superior performance in your role. This course format has been developed exclusively by our experienced trainers and feedback from various organisations.

Advanced Executive Assistant Course


To provide an interactive but relaxed environment to enable you to consider hurdles and even people who hold you back; perhaps the biggest hurdle is within. To come to grips with these issues and provide ways forward to a smoother career path. This course increases your ability to perform well in partnership with executive managers.

Course Format

A relaxed environment with no preconceptions about anything; be yourself and enjoy positive interaction with a highly experienced facilitator and other delegates of similar backgrounds. The course is delivered in a virtual classroom.

Course Content

  • The role of an Executive PA
  • The boss- how to provide effective support and become a key member of the management team
  • Working with senior executives
  • Corporate culture and objectives- every company is different
  • Helping the boss to manage, perhaps you can manage up
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Effective communication with your boss
  • Confidence- do you have enough; if not why not?
  • Should you be more or less assertive? Learn some techniques
  • Prioritisation- time is a valuable resource- use it well
  • Plan your future, set your personal goals; what lies ahead? Be more in control of that

Dates and Duration

One day 10:30 to 16:30 on a fixed date. Please see the

Who is it for?

This is ideal for an experienced Executive Assistant, Executive PA, Office Manager or similar role. The course is ideal for delegates who feel that they would like to build their image or confidence within the executive arena. The course is ideal for delegates who feel that they need to build their effectiveness and relationships at the Executive level.


You can book online by following the instruction above and selecting the course. However, you can request an invoice, if your employer is funding your training.

We can offer group bookings and corporate training for this course.


Walk away with a map for the future has picked up techniques to help you get there. Be seen as a key member of the management team and an invaluable asset to your executives. Additionally, delegates will receive an IEAA Accredited Certificate.

This course can be taken as a part of our Executive Assistant Diploma at Level 5 of our qualification.

Additional information


23 May 2024, Book a future date