Our Advanced Executive Assistant Courses ensure that modern Executive Assistants gain the correct mix of skills for today’s business environment. Executive Assistants are increasingly involved in business support rather than just administration. This means that they need to have a broad knowledge of business skills. The IEAA’s Executive Assistant Courses enable senior Executive Assistants to diversify or enhance their business skills and knowledge.

Advanced Executive Assistant Courses

The most common business support areas in which Executive Assistants are involved include Project Management, Event Management, Social Media, Finance, Company Secretary, Event Management, Human Resources and more. You can find the ideal course for your career advancement in our Advanced Executive Assistant Course range. There are also business and soft skills and managerial skill courses available for you for example, personal performance, communication, negotiation, leadership, and much more. This range of advanced courses can be taken as part of the Executive Assistant Diploma Level 5. However, they can also be taken individually for those who would prefer to take a shorter training course all of our training courses are accredited by the IAEA, and you will receive a certificate on completion of it.

If you are interested in our diplomas, please go to the page where deployments can be found, and you will be able to find details about them. Additionally, in the advanced business courses, we have specialised trainers who are experts in their respective fields. They also have expertise in guiding Executive Assistants in how to move into those areas and utilise their additional skills effectively. This gives our learners the confidence to work with more complex business areas.

Below you can see a list of the courses available for advanced business skills.