PA work is challenging because the role is less clearly defined many other admin roles. Therefore, you have to respond to any challenges that are faced by your boss, company or team. This means that you need to be very adaptable and possess a wide range of technical and soft skills to be a successful PA.

A good PA needs a wide range of technical skills and we will focus on the most common. One very important skill is Microsoft Office software. PAs need to have excellent Outlook skills so that they can organise diaries and manage email accounts. They need great Word skills for business letters, document production and memos. PowerPoint is essential for editing presentations and finally Excel for budgets, planning and many other things.

What is a good PA

be a good PA
A PA also needs excellent communication skills. This means that they need to be able to possess the best writing skills. The ability to communication formally or informally through written communication is essential.
Mastering body language and the way that you communicate verbally is essential to ensure that you build networks, influence others and work well with others.
Jobs have numerous other technical skills.  These include typing competence, but the changes in modern technology make fast typing less applicable. PA roles need good minute taking skills.
Many roles require bookkeeping skills or the ability to maintain budgets. This is a skill that can be hard to find amongst PAs, but a PA with Bookkeeping skills is an attractive prospective candidate to an employer. Event Management and Project skills are often desired by companies who are looking for a PA who can get involved in a wider range of responsibilities.
However, the requirements vary greatly by individual roles. The industry that you work will also impact it and the size and nature of your company, organisation or department. However, generally speaking a good PA should look to master all of the above skills, if they would like to be a great success in their long-term career.
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