Being busy at work is a structure to our lives that the majority of us rely on, having a demanding schedule in and outside of work can move ‘keeping fit’ way down your list of priorities.
However, looking after the health and wellbeing of ‘number one’ should be our main priority and where do we spend most of our time, at work. Here are some top tips for keeping fit during your lunch break.

The commute is a busy and fit working woman

Before you get to lunch, try a few small tweaks to your journey into work that will really expose you to a lot more exercise within the allotted time of work. Try walking to work, park further away or get off the bus one stop further away, walking the rest of your journey. This will allow you to increase your aerobic capacity, feel the fresh air and clear your mind before you start your day at the office.

Stairway to health

If your day job is relatively sedentary then the likelihood is that your building has numerous levels, well then here is your chance to get started. Using the lift or escalator is cheating yourself out of a good daily form of exercise. Use the stairs as often as possible, moving around the building or returning to the building from meetings could mean you use the stairs two or three times a day, great news for your metabolism.

Always look after your health at work

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For people who feel that the issue with their health and wellbeing is due to having a sedentary job, please consider looking at Freelancing as a Virtual Assistant. Other people may want to consider becoming a work from home Bookkeeper, as a Qualified Bookkeeper.

Meetings on the Move

If you have a meeting or just a catch up with a colleague or line manager does it need to be at a desk? Wellbeing meetings, or keeping in touch hours can easily be held on the move, especially on your lunch break. Suggest walking around the block or to the coffee shop on the other side of the premises. Your meetings don’t have to be sedentary, catch up on the go.

Use Others

Motivation is key here, the responsibility of sticking to meeting a colleague at lunch. By arranging to go for a walk, swim a few laps of the pool or organise a ‘burpee’ challenge.

Tool Up!

A few slight changes to your office environment could be all you need to engage a few extra muscles. Could you swap your office chair for a large exercise ball during your lunch break? The stability and core muscles required to do this would burn off lunchtime calories in no time. Another popular change is using ankle and wrist weights for your walks at lunchtime. This again increases your heart rate and metabolism to a healthy level and believe it or not you may even start making excuses to go for walks just to use them.