Many companies need to make changes at some stage. This can also include relocating, moving furniture around or even installing the latest version of Microsoft Office. Change can be traumatic and upsetting. They will be happy if everyone accepts the change but this is not always the case.
Our concern is having to work with new people or learn the new software system. The atmosphere becomes tense and everyone retreats into their little shell which can then result into communications issues.

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But the PA, Office Manager or Administrator with the right attitude will accept these changes and turn them into successes. They may have these feelings but will always approach it in a professional manner. There is that strong sense to support the manager. It is very important that you know how to adapt, develop and be flexible as change can be exciting and challenging.
The best way to reduce negative tension in times of change is to ensure there is communication at all times. Management need the support of their supporting staff who in turn need to encourage teamwork and ensure there is communication with all staff.
Armed with a positive attitude, change can give you that opportunity to excel. On an even more positive note, you could see the imminent change as an opportunity to lead. Normally with change, people will resist, follow or lead. Would you not like to be that leader?

Benefit from changes in your job

A flexible person takes the long term view. They make and take opportunities. They are interested in the project and will be positive when asking about the changes; they may even volunteer to be involved in projects.
The PA, Office Manager or Administrator who wants to benefit from change in the organisation will keep themselves informed and updated. They will be proactive and prepare themselves for the change in a positive way so they can then offer to assist their manager should staff have concerns about learning the new package in a short time.
So, the important thing is for you to embrace change. Find out about changing careers at