Our previous blog looked at how working mum could return to work with their own business as a Virtual Assistant. This was ideal for a working mum who wanted to control her future and mix her career with the ability to spend more time with their family at home. However, there is another option that is popular with many working mums who do not want to go back to working in a company that will keep them at the desk from 9-5, at least. This option is to become a self-employed Bookkeeper and this is not a new option, as there have been bookkeepers that have worked form home for a long time. However, it is becoming even more possible for bookkeepers to become remote support to business with the updates in remote working from technology.

Bookkeeping Jobs
Studying to become a bookkeeper will require study, unlike Virtual Assistant work that may be attained with an experience in Admin work. If you have previous experience in accounting it is likely that the move to working for yourself in bookkeeping with be relatively easy. However, the bookkeeping business is open to anyone who takes the time to learn how to carry out the function. It is not a quick process to learn bookkeeping, but the career options are huge.

Working Mums finding a new career in Bookkeeping
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You can learn bookkeeping by taking an accredited series of courses. Normally, it takes a few exams to become a Bookkeeper as you need to cover a series of areas to able to be competent, but once you pass the exams you are qualified. If you are interested in studying to become a bookkeeper, one of the best options is to become a bookkeeper through the ICB. The ICB is a UK based organisation that specialises in the field and is highly recognised and respected.

Working Mums finding a new career in Bookkeeping

The Bookkeeping route is similar to VAs, you can study and become highly competent in the field.
If you want to become a bookkeeper, we can help you with a series of ICB course that you can find details of the courses at www.bookkeeping-course.org