Bookkeeper jobs can be found in any large sized company. In fact, it is a profession that is one of the biggest hirers. One major complaint of employers is that the accounts assistants and bookkeepers often lack a formal training or that they only have computerised accounting / bookkeeping skills.

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What is the issue with only being able to use Sage or another similar system?

In essence the main problem is that the computerised system can make mistakes, or you can make mistakes without being aware of how you are impacting the accounts. It is essential to ensure that you are well versed in the fundaments of bookkeeping in order to be successful at work.

For this reason many employers are partaking in a formal training for their accounts staff. Some opt for short courses to ensure that they can gain good foundation knowledge. Others opt to follow a set formal qualification. This could be through the ICB or AAT. The AAT is the Association of Account Technicians, with more than 125,000 members across more than 90 countries. This is a UK based institute is a favourite for many employers and students. The ICB is the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, which is a very popular qualification with many employers but also is a mainstay for self-employed bookkeepers.

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Working in the Finance department

Accounts jobs are plentiful because no matter what company, organisation or country, the need for the accounts department never disappears. Furthermore, there is always a range of seniority in these jobs from the very lowly qualified to high paying CFOs. Therefore, a career in finance is always going to offer potential career progression for the more ambitious members of the finance department.

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Working with a bit of Finance

PAs and Office Managers often process expenses and more, so finance training is becoming advantageous. Many times the job specification now includes a desired knowledge of finance. Therefore, gaining this skill could give you the edge in the job market to get jobs and get better salary. Any PA or Office Manager that is evaluating the skills that they need for their career to remain up to date and competitive should consider commencing some level of finance training.

Remember you can be your own boss

Both AAT and ICB qualifications offer the option to open your own Bookkeeping practice and deliver Bookkeeping services to local businesses.