Project Management is a fast growing industry in the UK and all across the world- it underpins the economic growth of many countries. Increasingly, companies are on the search for talented project managers to oversee projects from conception to completion. Project managers manage budgets, team, risks and many more. Project management can be challenging but it is hugely rewarding.

Your PA Career in London

Learning how to manage projects enables you to work as a PA because the responsibilities of a project manager is a natural fit with the soft skills of a PA. The responsibilities include multi-tasking, organising meetings, planning, diarising.

PA Training Courses

Here are a few benefits of managing projects as a PA:

  • Better earning potential- Project management is another hard skill which needs to be mastered. If you have this skill as a PA, your earnings will potentially be higher than if you don’t. The bottom line is, the more skills you have, the better your earning potential.
  • Varied jobs- Not only will you have the opportunity to work as a PA and deal with the admin side of things, you will also be put on projects by your boss. Working on different projects is very exciting since not all projects are the same. In addition, you will work with and learn from a bunch of different diverse individuals.
  • Flexible hours and location- Life is a little more flexible when you work as a project manager- the hours are flexible and you could work from home. This means that you don’t have to wake up in the early morning, rush out of the house and commute to work with other sleepy commuters.

If you are interested in becoming a project manager, it’s a good idea to do a course. Choose from Project Management 1 day course or Project Management 2 day course. You will learn the knowledge and skills of how to manage a team and projects through a fun combination of interactive and practical exercises. A live tutor will provide support and guidance throughout the course to ensure you get all the help you need.

Project Management for a PA

Both qualifications are CPD accredited. (Continuing Professional Development) It is required by many professional bodies such as accountants, barristers, solicitors and many more. Having a CPD qualification demonstrates to employers that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform well on your job. It is internationally well-respected, therefore a CPD qualification on your CV will increase your job prospects, substantially.