Business English Course for an Executive Assistant



Our Business English Course for an Executive Assistant is designed for non-English native speakers to gain English language skills in a modern business environment. The course is delivered by an experienced Business English trainer in an online virtual classroom. Technical business terms and the subtleties of tone are covered in this course, which is often a major barrier to using English in the workplace. The course can suit any type of industry and helps Executive Assistants gain confidence to use English in meetings, emails and other forums.

Online Business English Course for an Executive Assistant

Course format

  • The course runs from 10:30 to 16:30, UK Time.
  • This is a one-day workshop course.
  • We only use native-speaking English teachers.
  • We keep small groups to personalise the course more.

Course Content

  • Understand how to present business information in different styles
  • Review articles, reports, graphs, tables and presentations
  • Look at the tone and subtleties in the message
  • Gain a professional and polite business tone for an international environment
  • Summarise data and compare and contrast points of view effectively
  • Participate in conversations and meetings in routine
  • Look at routine business contexts and correspondence
  • Give a simple presentation
  • Understand and write Business English using different formats
  • Business communications modes include business letters, emails, meetings and more
  • Gain technical terminology for the commercial environment
  • Discuss cultural differences to use and the tone of the language

Business English Course outcomes

  • IEAA Certificates are issued upon completion
  • Increased confidence to use English at work
  • Learn subtleties of language
  • Small groups ensure greater tailoring to your needs
  • All of our trainers are also business trainers with real commercial experience to ensure that the topic is relevant to the modern workplace.

Who should take this course?

Non-English native speakers who need to improve their Business English skills. You will need to have full professional proficiency in English. The course offers the ability to look at how to master the finer parts of English in the office and how to optimise your use of the language professionally.

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