I am a non-native English speaker and feel that my use of English in Business situations is not up to the level that is needed in my career. What is the solution to overcome this issue?

Business English Skills

I often feel like I am at a disadvantage in my working life. If I went back to my native country, I would be able to do everything well. I would easily be able to compete, but in the UK English is the issue that is holding me back. This means that I have decided that the best thing to do is take a Business English class.

Business English

The Business English class is a great confidence booster, you should ideally speak fluently but have issues with business language and producing formal English. Business English gave me an insight into how to best use English informal settings and some of the technical English terms that I had always doubted as to how to use.

Business English Courses in London

Business English is a common course to take for visitors to London, this is due to the language of London and the UK being English. This means that students can gain the most from being in an English speaking environment all of the time. Business English Courses to build your Career can be found across London, but you need to find ones that are delivered by experienced Business and English trainers. A pure language teacher is not always the best solution. it is better to find someone with real experience too outside of the English language and teaching professionally. This is because they can share professional experience in a more realistic way and add more commercial language that they gain from being in a job.

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