The primary aim of our organisation is to enable Executive Assistants and other administrative professionals to gain professional qualifications, career developing skills and advance their careers. Here you can see information on the various careers our courses and certifications cover. You can find the explanation of Executive Assistant Careers and various other careers and also information relating to salaries.

Career Guidance

Our main qualification framework for an Executive Assistant focuses on developing the career skills of an Executive Assistant. Below you can see details of what an Executive Assistant Job entails and what is needed to succeed in this career.

We also have career guides for Executive PAs, a slightly less senior role, and the foundational role of the PA. This can help you understand the job’s realities and give you the scope of how best to progress your career. We also have details of related roles that are not in our qualifications. These include Legal Secretaries, Receptionist and other roles that often change careers to become Executive Assistants or similar roles.

We offer a qualification for Office Managers and Administrators, and you can also find details of these careers below. Please go to the careers of interest to you.

If you are not sure about the correct careers or courses, please feel free to contact us. You can either go to our contact page to get our full contact details or use the contact form at the top right-hand corner of the page.

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Executive Assistant Careers

What is an Executive Assistant?

Find out more about the career of an Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant Salaries

We have published Executive Assistant Salaries in several countries.

How to become a PA?

What skills are needed to become a PA

What is an Executive PA?

Executive PA Careers. Find out more about this role.

What is an Office Manager?

What does an Office Management Job entail? It is an excellent alternative to Executive Assistant careers.

What is a Receptionist’s Job?

Corporate Reception is a popular job to start gaining experience in an office environment.

What is a Legal Secretary?

Legal Secretarial work can be an great option for people interested in law.