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Office Manager Jobs in London

Office Manager Jobs in London

What qualification do I need to become a highly paid Executive Assistant?

One of the more lucrative new opportunities in the job market today is that of an Executive Assistant. Receiving exciting remuneration and allowing experts to expand their industry experience, EAs are slowly, but surely becoming one of the most competitive positions for those seeking new career opportunities. But what are the exact types of qualifications

Why are Project Management Jobs Attractive?

In the world we live in today, project management jobs are defining industries in a variety of ways. A project manager can make or break a business and without one company often tend to fail in their attempts towards achieving their success goals. A highly lucrative career, project management is a highly prestigious profession. Extremely

Being Proactive About Developing Your Office Career in London

No one wants to work at a nine to five job, but chances are that you'll end up doing so. Even if you become your own boss, you'll end up realizing that there is no success without a consistent schedule. What's more, the biggest percentage of the population are most proactive during the morning to

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Office Manager Skills: How to Interview candidates

Office Managers have to develop a wide range of skills in order to progress to the next level of their careers. There are so many things to get used to when you move into an Office Manager role. You are responsible for so much and for managing other people. Office Managers managerial responsibilities mean that

2016-04-18T16:55:12+00:00April 18th, 2016|Office Manager Jobs in London|

Secrets of Minute Taking

Minute taking is a key to any Administrators career. Secretaries, PAs and Admin Assistants should look towards developing this skill. The skills of being a good minute taker are not that easy to master. You should realistically be able to go into any type of meeting and take accurate minutes. Why is this so important?

2015-03-29T12:50:00+00:00March 29th, 2015|Office Manager Jobs in London, PA Jobs, Secretary Jobs|

How to motivate your team for an Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Building trust and motivating your team are vital skills needed for any Manager, EA, PA, Administrator, Team Leader or Project Manager. Team players all have different personalities, temperaments, domestic problems or social inadequacies.  There is no need to give in to their many whims in order to ‘get on.’ A good idea is to meet

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