PA Jobs

PA Jobs

Dublin has the perfect job market for an Executive Assistant

Have you been looking for a flexible and diverse personal assistant role in an up and coming location? Look no further than Dublin? In recent years the Dublin job market has been growing exponentially, and new businesses are opening across all sectors so there is no better time to become a personal assistant in Dublin!

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What are PA Job requirements and qualifications

You may have noticed recently how numerous PA jobs are on job directories. At any given time, a company seems to be searching for a resourceful, skilful and attentive PA. But what exactly does a PA do? What is the job description for a similar position? Do you need accreditations? If so, how can you

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Why should I choose to pursue a professional qualification?

Depending on your current level of education and prior work experience, you might want to pursue a professional qualification. Being an expert in a particular industry and having the needed skill set for your dream job doesn't come that easy. Yet, having a professional qualification will give you the much-needed confidence boost to be able

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How Do I Know When It Is the Best Time to Leave Your Job

If it would have been effortless to empower personnel, everybody would have done it. The below given 8 pointers will assist your personnel to step forward and assist your company in its growth. Every leader dreams to have empowered employees. All leaders wish for individuals who demonstrate their capability by initiating things and finishing tasks

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Why are Project Management Jobs Attractive?

In the world we live in today, project management jobs are defining industries in a variety of ways. A project manager can make or break a business and without one company often tend to fail in their attempts towards achieving their success goals. A highly lucrative career, project management is a highly prestigious profession. Extremely

The Rise of the Male PA

For at least most of the 20th century, managers had secretaries, who were invariably women.  At the end of the 20th century, the role of the secretary transformed into the PA role. Despite typing, discretion and shorthand being valued, a modern PA does far more.  The rise in prestige (and pay) of the PA role has

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A successful PA must have Career Plan

In the past PA type work was far more functional. It required a set of skills that would remain with you throughout your career. This was largely due to a lack of automation in Administration functions within an office. Changes in technology and business functions enabled many PAs to become more involved in the business.

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Executive Assistant Training Courses in London

Back in 1980, the film “9 to 5” portrayed a group of overworked, unappreciated secretaries. They kidnapped their boss and ran the business themselves.  Now, companies have learned to value executive assistants and they can earn top money in London. Competition for these positions is very high and successful applicants. You must show a mixture

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What is the Difference Between a PA and a Legal PA / Secretary

If you’re considering a career as a Personal Assistant, you may be weighing up all of the different options available. After all, each PA role will have very different roles, responsibilities and required skills. For example, a PA in a fashion house is going to be expected to carry out very different tasks to a

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