We offer a full range of Executive Assistant Certifications at the Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators (IEAA). These include Diplomas and Certifications at all levels of careers. There are Certificates for PAs, Executive PAs and Executive Assistants. Additionally, Diplomas are available for all of these levels.

Executive Assistant Certifications

The most advanced qualifications are our Level 5 Executive Assistant Certifications. Our Level 5 Executive Assistant Diploma enables ambitious Executive Assistants to gain career-developing skills and professional qualifications. The EA Diploma includes a full range of skills needed to enable Executive Assistants to build their careers and increase their opportunities.

Our Level 4 certifications are aimed at Executive PAs and prepare you to attain the higher level Executive Assistant Diploma. This includes a Level 4 Executive PA Certificate available for people looking to build their skills to work at the Executive Level. Meanwhile, the Level 4 Executive PA Diploma delegates the options to gain a broader range of training and skills.

Our Level 3 PA Certificates are designed for people to gain the core administration and PA skills needed to launch their careers. The Level 3 PA Certificate and Level 3 PA Diploma are available. Additionally, the Level 3 PA certification allows learners to continue studying at higher levels in the future. Many learners have started at Level 3 to develop their careers as Executive Assistants.

The Qualification framework shows the structure of our qualifications at different levels.

We additionally offer a full range of Certificates and Diplomas for Office Administrators and Office Managers. You can see details of this on the Office Manager Qualification page.

EA Certifications

Executive Assistant Diploma

Level 5

Advanced Business Skills

Level 4

Executive PA Diploma

Level 4

Executive PA Certificate

Level 4

Personal Assistant Certificate

Level 3

Personal Assistant Diploma

Level 3