Are you bored in your current job or looking for a change, but unsure whether you should make a change? With each New Year it is good to assess where you want to be aiming in your career and general life, so why not assess whether it is a good time to change jobs, careers or just switch role at your current company. So here are some questions to ask you when making a decision.
  • What is the job market like; can I easily find another job?
The market is stronger going into 2015 than it has been in years, so this is an ideal time to look for a new job. Companies are growing and they are opening new areas and departments, so some great new jobs are out there now. The opportunities will be more abundant now than before, so if you are going to make the jump this is ideal.
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  • Do I want a career or job change?
Are you bored of working in your role or do you not like your career and need a total change. Changing job is easier to do as you have relevant experience, but the danger is that the other job will be similar to your current one. However, changing careers can be difficult as you will need to match your transferrable skills and then potentially retrain. Therefore, you must assess which is right for you. However, 2015 with a good job market may be the best time to make the jump and change career.
  • To make a career change choose the correct path
Look at jobs and try to match them to your transferrable skills. If they are a good match you are likely to be able to make the transition easily. Nevertheless, you should consider updating your skills as a qualification in the new industry will help you get that first job. It will also show your seriousness to making the change, because you have taken time to develop yourself in the new skills required.
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  •  Find suitable training
You need to review the best courses and training out there. Ideally try to find training provider with connections to jobs and that have a good element of practical to help you get prepared for the new type of job. Theoretical and non-interactive training is not suitable for this type of situation, as you need to be job ready by the end of the programme. Once you have found the correct course, you can execute your plan.

Changing jobs or careers

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