No one can accurately predict exactly what will happen in any interview. There is usually always a question that you would never have expected before. Nevertheless, there are some standard questions that you will hear time and time again. You should try to practice answering these questions with a friend, as you will become more fluent and confident with your answers. This will put any doubts that the interviewer has at rest. These types of scenarios and practice are covered for many trainees when they take a Secretary Course or an Executive PA Course

Competency Based Interviews

Competency based questions are one of the most common types of interview questions. Most large companies will use a selection of competency questions in all interviews. You should try to prepare for these questions, as they can be difficult to answer without any consideration.

Here are some examples:

Describe a situation where you have worked in a team?
Here the interviewer is looking for you to provide an example where you were a good team player. You need to demonstrate strong team working and interpersonal skills.
Describe a situation in which you have led a team?
Here the interviewer is looking for you to provide an example where you were able to demonstrate leadership and working upon your own initiative.
In any type of competency question, the interviewer is examining your interpersonal skills and practical ability. Be sure that you stick to the subject of the question and meet the interviewer’s criteria. Do not be vague or answer for another skill set.

Job search: Interview Questions To Practice

Why did you leave your last job?
This is hugely popular, as it confirms to the interviewer whether you had any issues with your previous employer. You must prepare a coherent answer that does not cast doubt over your previous employer, but also show how transitioning on to your next move was a good choice.
Why would you like to work here?
This is a great opportunity to show that you have done some research prior to the interview. Try to bring in any knowledge of the employer into this answer.
What is your weakness?
Do not avoid the question, but honestly state a weakness that you have noticed in yourself. Then you can show how you have proactively tried to strengthen the weakness or compensate for it. Do not use weaknesses that are too negative and will not be possible to appear positive.
Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
This is a great opportunity to show ambition. However, you also want to say that you want to develop with the company. Do not give the impression that the job is just a stepping stone for greater things. You need to be sure that you are very interested in this particular job.
Do you have any questions?
This is a great opportunity to show clear interest in the job. You should also demonstrate your knowledge of your employer.