Company Secretary for Executive Assistants Course



The IEAA’s Company Secretary for Executive Assistants Course gives delegates an overview and enlightened insight into the role of a Company Secretary. Many Executive Assistants are assisting their Executives with Company Secretarial deliverables and tasks. This is largely due to the decreased requirements for having an official Company Secretary. Therefore, many tasks are done with online web filing and are much easier to do now. Nevertheless, the tasks need to be completed. There can be large penalties for failure to deliver the filings to comply with standards dictated by company legislature and regulators. Therefore, the Company Secretary function is an integral part of many Executive Assistant’s responsibilities.

This course gives Executive Assistants a broad understanding of the role of a Company Secretary. The Company Secretary for Executive Assistants Course provides an overview of the key deliverables for a Company Secretary and introduces the integrally linked subjects of Corporate Law and Finance.

Company Secretary for Executive Assistants Course

This course seeks to provide delegates with an insight into the role of a Company Secretary enabling students to use the knowledge gained in related job roles.

Course Format

This course is designed to run over two days 10:30 to 16:30. The course will be delivered directly by qualified professionals from both the legal and financial fields. The course is delivered in a virtual classroom.

Course Content

There are three modules that make up the course. Please see the outline below:

Financial reports

  • Financial Management Concept and Terminology
  • Understand the components of Annual Reports and Financial reports
  • Balance Sheet / P&L / Cash Flow Statement / Statement of Changes in Equity
  • Interpret Financial Information in Annual reports for the Annual Board Meetings
  • Financial Terminology for Board Meetings

Corporate Law

  • Shareholders defined
  • Shares register and share capital
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Voting polls and proxies
  • Corporate Governance
  • Directors Law

Company Secretarial Practice for Assistants

  • Company Secretarial Practice – an overview
  • Board Meetings
  • An overview of the Board of Directors
  • Governance
  • Companies Act 2006
  • Companies House
  • Company law
  • Company meetings
  • Company registers
  • Corporate Compliance

Group Bookings

The course is available for corporate bookings and group bookings if desired.

Other Courses

Many EAs that are looking to carry Company Secretary responsibilities need to improve their knowledge of financial reports. Therefore, the Finance Course for an Executive Assistant is a good option, also Minute Taking is a good option if you lack confidence with taking minutes.


The course is accredited by the IEAA and a certificate is issued upon completion. Therefore, successful completion of the course will lead to the IEAA Company Secretary for Executive Assistants Certificate.

Suitable for

  • Executive Assistants and other administrative professionals who are working on company secretarial practices.
  • EAs with significant exposure to supporting the Board of Directors and attending Board Meetings.


  • Gain comprehension of the scope and main purpose of the Company Secretary function
  • Gain related knowledge in Finance and Corporate Law to complement your knowledge of Company Secretary practice
  • Modernise your skillset as an Executive Assistant
  • Gain a skill required by Executive Assistants in the highest-profile roles
  • Broader general understanding of their job to a point of greater confidence in the workplace
  • IEAA Accredited course with international recognition
  • Gain Certification and a new qualification for your career profile.

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21-22 March 2024, 6-7 June 2024, Book a date in the future