Corporate Training

The IEAA has provided training courses and career development plans to Executive Assistants and other administrative professionals from various organisations. We offer a range of training and development solutions to our corporate clients. A large number of delegates from many organisations have joined our public courses. However, we have also been able to offer bespoke and company-specific training and can vary the delivery. We work with accredited training providers and partners to offer diverse course options.

Executive Assistant Qualifications

Our qualification structure provides an ideal framework for organisations to develop Executive Assistants, PAs, Office Managers and other administrative professionals. Our Executive Assistants Qualification Framework enables PAs, Executive PAs and Executive Assistants to advance their careers as they progress through our qualification framework. Each level is designed to allow for and gain professional skills and qualifications. Additionally, the framework is designed to provide a sense of career development and progression.

Please refer to our qualification framework, which commences at Level 2 and finishes at Level 5. Most delegates will commence at Level 3, where the core PA skills are gained. This is ideal for a PA who must consolidate their skills with formal training and professional qualification. It is also ideal for someone looking to become a PA and needing the skills and qualifications.

Level 4 is a transfer level for the experienced PA to enable them to advance the level of support that they offer to an Executive manager. This level focuses on how best a PA or Administrator can advance their skills to function well at the Executive level. This focuses on aligning the Executive Assistant / Executive PA role with the Executive Manager role.

Level 5 allows the modern Executive Assistant to gain more business support-related skills. This means that the learners will build a diverse range of business skills. You can see the complete list on the Executive Assistant Diploma. These can include business skills such as Finance, Project Management, Event Management, etc. Learners can choose the most relevant skills to their career needs.

Career Development

The increased knowledge and related skills gained at each level can be coordinated within a broader career development plan if employers desire to integrate the training into a long-term plan. Flexibility and learner needs are our core objectives for our structured and public courses. If you feel that the public courses are unsuitable, we can arrange bespoke training services.

We are an accrediting body; we work closely with our accredited learning providers, who also have extensive relationships with companies of all sizes. Relationships include well-known names like:

  • Shell
  • SAP
  • Thales
  • Oracle
  • 10 Downing Street
  • NHS Wales
  • NHS England
  • Barclays Bank
  • United Nations
  • Friends of the Earth
  • and many, many more.

Office Manager Qualifications

Our second qualification framework relates to Office Managers and Administrators. Like the Executive Assistant Qualification framework, it offers career progression and skill development. You can see our Office Manager and Administrators Qualification Framework here.

The framework runs from Levels 2 to 5, starts at entry-level roles, and progresses to senior Office Managers. Level 3 is the most common entry point. Learners will gain core office administration skills needed to function effectively in Administrative Assistant Jobs.

Level 4 enables learners to progress to a managerial level and become Office Managers. Here they gain a wide range of higher-level skills to complement the higher level of responsibility.

Level 5 provides diverse business knowledge to enable senior Office Managers to deal with higher-level business concerns. This means they can take specific business skills training that will target relevant business skills to their role.

Group bookings

Group discounts are available for organisations that want to book several delegates on our courses and diplomas. Please get in touch with our office for more details. Each package will be quoted according to the complexity and the extent of multiple delegate bookings.

Bespoke training programmes

The majority of organisations opt for their employees to join our public courses. However, some organisations prefer to develop bespoke training programmes and development plans. We can work with organisations to design training programmes bespoke to individual corporate learning needs. This can be done by synchronising with corporate Human Resources and/or management. This enables organisations to gain greater flexibility to meet their learning requirements.

We have a broad spectrum of specialist skill trainers, so our capacity to train in many soft and hard skills areas is readily available for clients. Pricing and quotations for Bespoke training will depend on the complexity of the programmes.

Payment and Bookings

IEAA is happy to arrange bookings by Invoice / Purchase Order systems. Depending on your organisation’s policy, we can issue invoices with or without purchase orders.

We can arrange an online payment with credit cards or bank transfers. We accept AMEX, VISA, MasterCard and PayPal. Euro, USD and GBP prices are available. We can price, invoice and accept payment in any Euro, USD or GBP. If you do not see your currency, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.