We offer a wide range of accreditation and professional development courses for Executive Assistants, PAs, Office Managers and Administrators. Our courses are run by experienced trainers who have been vetted and approved by IEAA for both industry experience and teaching skills.

IEAA Executive Assistant Training Courses

All courses aim to equip students with a variety of technical skills and knowledge needed to progress in their careers. IEAA offers a variety of level 2, 3, 4 and 5 diplomas and certificate programs that will help enhance your career and boost your earning potential. Please find details of the qualification framework by clicking here: QUALIFICATIONS

On this page, you can find courses that are part of the IEAA Executive Assistant Qualification. This means that you can take the Level 3 PA qualifications, Level 4 Executive PA programmes or the Level 5 Executive Assistant Diplomas.

We work with partner organisations to bring specialist qualifications for Microsoft Office that will benefit our student’s skills. These courses are delivered by trainers who have direct experience in the industry. We work with Microsoft Academy and Microsoft Platinum Partners to bring a range of state of the art Microsoft training options. We also work with a Legal Secretarial Accrediting body and a Medical administration academy, for people looking to specialise in these fields.

For more information and to choose the course that is right for you and your team contact us directly.

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The IEAA ensures that our accredited training providers deliver to our high professional standards and trainers are of the highest standards.

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