Delegating to others is a difficult skill to master. This is because partly we feel that we are imposing on others. Most of us like to be liked by our colleagues. The concept of appearing bossy or dominating our colleagues is something that we do not want.
The other thing is that many of us do our jobs well and it means that we are reluctant to delegate tasks to others. This is because we fear them not being done well or losing control of them.
These are difficult issues to overcome, as many of these attributes have helped us get on with our colleagues and deliver our jobs well in the past.

Delegation of tasks for an Executive PA

However, if you are going to make the move up to the Executive Level from being a PA, you need to master this skill.
Issues to consider include:
  • Know the resources around you, so who is best for the job at hand? Can your time be spent better? 
  • Methods of delegating and the level of management required by yourself 
  • How best to ask or influence others to take on the task
  • The delegation of authority
These are four main issues that you encounter when you are trying to delegate tasks to your colleagues and all four need to be handled to be a success at delegating.
One of the key issues is being clear on the different resources that are available to you in your department or company. For example, your manager requires your assistance in the preparation of a KPI report. Therefore, you should familiarise yourself with the KPI report.
Often this type of report requires input from the Finance part of your company. Therefore, the best thing to do is to familiarise and network with the best-skilled members of the team that are at your hand. Building a broad awareness of the skills at hand ensure that you allocate resources effectively to the most appropriate resource.
This can go further when there is a simple task you may opt to delegate as you can easily use your time more productively elsewhere.
This highlights one of the key areas for effective delegation, which is the effective allocation of resources.
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