PA Courses DublinHave you been looking for a flexible and diverse personal assistant role in an up and coming location? Look no further than Dublin. In recent years the Dublin job market has been growing exponentially, new businesses are opening across all sectors so there is no better time to become a personal assistant in Dublin! Ireland itself is home to many multinational organisations including; Apple, Facebook and Google. These huge organisations are home to thousands of employees and provide ample job opportunities for personal assistants. Connexus Recruiters predicts that in 2018 Ireland “Will begin to see advances across various digital areas”[i], this growth also means more room for not only personal assistants but virtual ones as well. As a personal assistant you can help anyone, from large companies, to a single person, mould and grow the Irish market over the next several years.

Where to start you PA Career?

Navigating the world of personal assisting can be confusing at first, as not many employers ask for specific qualifications and not many are offered during formal education. A great way to build your CV in preparation for obtaining a job as a PA is to take a training course or even obtain an Executive PA qualification. If you wish to improve your CV by adding a recognised qualification you might consider obtaining an Executive PA Diploma through the Souters Training, who are now offering the qualification in Dublin. If you are looking for something less formal which still has the ability to take your CV to the next level, try a shorter course. This rise in Dublin PA courses demonstrates the increase in PA Jobs in Ireland. Taking a course in Dublin will not only allow you to strengthen your CV but also allow you to network in the same geographical area where you wish to start your career.

Why Dublin?

There has never been a better time to be an employee in Ireland. According to the EU Commission Ireland’s economy grew by 7.3% in 2017, which is three times faster than the wider euro area[ii]. The Irish Times report that this surge is driven by the activities of multinational companies operating in Ireland which make the Republic the fastest-growing country in the EU.

Multinational companies aside, “the EU Commission winter interim economic forecast finds that underlying domestic activity grew by 4.9 per cent in the first three quarters of 2017 – still double that of the euro area”[iii]. In other words – business is booming.

Older businesses are thriving, and new ones are opening every day, and this means more job opportunities for personal assistants. From people who want help with their small businesses to working for large multinational companies, Dublin has it all. For those looking for a new and varied landscape to either begin or further their personal assisting career, look no further than Dublin.

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