I have been asked many times by students who are fully trained but do not know how and where to find that job. You need to plan your job search and be prepared for negative replies. I firmly believe there is a job out there for you but you need to be applying at the correct time.

Prepare your CV ensuring it is well presented. Tailor your CV for the job; this takes very little effort and time but it could pay dividends. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Plan your Job search

Have some order with your job search noting companies and recruitment agencies you have approached and their replies.

Easy methods for job searching in the modern job market
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  • Jobs Online Search

Make full use of the online job searches including job search sites, job search engines, networking sites, CV postings.

  • Use Search Engines

Make full use of the job search engine to find the top job sites, company sites, and online newspapers. These job search engine sites will search all the job sites to capture new job postings.

  • Classified Ads

There is also the help wanted classified ads you can make full use of. Local and regional employers do not always post vacancies on the major jobs sites like Reed, Secsinthecity etc. They will tend to favour advertising in their local newspaper to avoid being overwhelmed with applicants and, in most cases, because they would prefer not to pay relocation costs.

  • Search by Career

This will give a wide-ranging list of job listings. These can be sorted by career field including theatre, arts, communications, business, education, not-for-profit, legal, science and technology and more.

  • Jobs by Area

This is ideal for those who are prepared to relocate. Here you can find vacancies in the area you favour.

  • Using Recruitment Agencies

By using recruitment agencies, you have someone who will find that job for you. 

  • Careers Fairs

These are live and virtual Career Fairs which you visit and have the opportunity to ask questions, take details and leave your CV.

  • Networking


Competition for jobs in job market
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Networking and social media, for example Linkedin, can give good results. It may be daunting but you may find it enjoyable as your range of networking increases.

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