An Events Assistant role can mean different things to different people. To some, it may sound like a role as something that requires a plethora of different skill sets, for others it’s a role that allows them to spread their creative wings, as well as toning some other important skills required in the world of business.

It’s no secret that the world of event management can be one that is sometimes stressful, as well as one containing a series of mundane tasks, but it’s also one that can yield a number of rewards, as well as allow you to climb your career ladder with ease.

What does an Events Assistant do?

When it comes to the sole duties of an events assistant, it can be hard to list generic roles, as it can vary from event to event, and can even differ depending on which company you work for. For example, a musical event may see you coordinate with a series of volunteers and stay in contact with the musical acts. Similarly, a business event could ensure that the guest list is up to date and confirm dates for venue bookings. In between this, you could be asked to run errands such as photocopying and making refreshments. Read more about Event Assistants.

Event Management is a Good Career

Low-key events are always showing traction,  but there are a number of high-profile events. All require event managers, therefore making it a strong sector. As well as no two days ever being the same, you will be continually adapting. This builds soft skills that can only benefit you moving forward in your career.

What Skills Are Required?

There can be a lot of practical and creative skills required in the role of an event assistant. For example, dealing with clients and venues will require you to have good customer service skills. You will need time management and planning.

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Where Can I Acquire the Skills Required for Events Management 

Event management is a sector in which you pick up a number of skills as you advance in your career. However, you may be wondering about how to get your foot in the door of such a competitive industry. Those who wish to do well, generally do and will take a course that will teach them about the structure of the industry and what to expect. During the course, they will also pick up some essential skills that will help them develop moving forward. For example, the CPD-accredited ‘Introduction to Event Management’ course from Souters Training is able to provide everything you need to know about the world of event management.