Executive Assistant Salaries in Canada

Here you can find some data on Executive Assistant Salaries in Canada. We compiled the Salary Survey using average data from some of Canada’s most credible job and employment databases. We updated this data in October 2022 for the cities with the most significant number of Executive Assistants Jobs in Canada. Many cities across Canada witnessed significant variances in Executive Assistant salaries. This variance is because Executive Assistants to CEOs and other C-Level Executives at significant corporations often get significantly higher wages. There are also more of these jobs in larger cities. Additionally, specific industries pay very high salaries. These include Investment Banks, high-end Law Firms, Financial Services, Oil and Gas and IT.

    Executive Assistant Salaries in Canada

    Salary Survey

    2022 shows that many salaries in Canada have risen faster than in previous years. This increase is not particular to Executive Assistants but is due to economic conditions. For example, rising inflation and recovery from the pandemic have increased salaries in many jobs across North America. Additionally, many Executive Assistants in Canada are increasingly working more flexibly or remotely.

    Executive Assistant Salaries in the Canada by city

    Below you will see the salaries of Executive Assistants from major cities across the Canada. Some of the larger cities have higher salaries. This is normally because they have more headquarters or higher paying industries than others.

    CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries

    The highest-paying cities in Canada for Executive Assistant Jobs were Calgary, Toronto and Edmonton. These three cities have consistently offered the highest average salaries due to the highest-paying industries in Canada being prevalent in these cities. Toronto has higher average wages because it is Canada’s centre for financial services. Meanwhile, Alberta has witnessed higher salaries due to the dominance of the Oil and Gas sector.

    Work-Life Balance

    Work-life balance is an essential part of any job. The salary survey showed that often higher-paying jobs involve more fast-paced and intense working environments. Financial Services jobs, especially at the large HQs of Banks, reported a drop in work-life balance but much better salaries than the average.

    Perspective Executive Assistants need to consider work-life balance and other intangibles before setting salary targets. For example, many Executive Assistants increasingly work from home and are rewarded with non-monetary benefits. In addition, quality of life is worth considering if you plan to change your role or become an Executive Assistant, as ta salary survey will not factor in these intangible aspects.

    Toronto Executive Assistant Salaries

    Toronto boasted the second highest salaries in Canada. However, jobseekers should also note that Toronto has far more Executive Assistant Jobs than any other city in Canada. Additionally, Toronto offers far more senior Executive Assistant roles than any other city. Additionally, other cities in Ontario boasted very high salaries. In particular, Kitchener and Ottawa.

    Executive Assistant Salaries in Calgary

    Calgary once again boasted slightly higher salaries than rival Toronto. The high pay level is mainly due to the Oil and Gas industry attracting higher wages than other industries. Edmonton also offered great Executive Assistant packages.

    Executive Assistant Salaries in Quebec

    Average salaries in Montreal and Quebec City were slightly lower than the other major cities in BC, Ontario and Alberta. For example, Montreal Executive Assistants saw average wages of $61K and Quebec somewhat lower at $59K. Nevertheless, the province, on average, offered very similar salaries to its two biggest cities.

    Executive Assistant Salaries in Vancouver

    Vancouver offered excellent average salaries, similar to the other major city in BC.


    Benefits packages and non-financial benefits vary significantly according to our research, but these elements are harder to quantify. Many lower-paying Executive Assistant Jobs offer significant benefits that are more intangible.

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