The Netherlands Executive Assistant Salaries

We have conducted a salary survey for Executive Assistants in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. We have primarily used several well-respected sources of data. All of the salary data has been updated the salaries up to October 2022. The Salary Survey includes significant cities across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.  As a result, we have average and higher-end salary figures. The higher-end salaries are not the highest ever recorded, but they are an average for the higher band of Executive Assistant salaries.

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    Salary Survey

    2022 shows that many salaries in Benelux have risen faster than in previous years. This increase is not particular to Executive Assistants but is due to economic conditions. Rising inflation and recovery from the pandemic have seen an increase in salaries in many jobs across Europe. Additionally, many Executive Assistants in Benelux are increasingly working more flexibly or remotely.

    Executive Assistant Salaries in The Netherlands by city

    Below you will see the salaries of Executive Assistants from major cities across The Netherlands. Some of the larger cities have higher salaries. This is generally because they have more headquarters or higher-paying industries than others.

    CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries
    The Hague€60,000€76,000

    Netherlands Executive Assistant Salaries

    The Netherlands Executive Assistants earn high salaries relative to most European salaries. Additionally, the regional variance between the different cities is smaller than in many other countries.  The highest salaries have been seen in Rotterdam and the Hague; however, Amsterdam is closely following behind. Utrecht and Eindhoven see slightly lower salaries. However, the Netherlands demonstrated very consistent salary levels with limited variance between the major cities.

    Job titles such as Executive Assistant to the CEO or CFO tended to be the highest paid. Most of these job titles can be found in the main three cities offering Executive Assistant Jobs; Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague. Additionally, industries like IT and Financial Services tended to offer higher salaries.

    Belgium Executive Assistant Salaries

    Our study covered Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp due to a lack of accurate data for other major urban areas in Belgium. Antwerp offered the highest salaries both at the average level and higher end.

    Luxembourg Executive Assistant Salaries

    Luxembourg is a small nation that is known for offering competitive salaries. Executive Assistant Jobs in Luxembourg also offer internationally higher level salaries.

    All figures are rounded to the nearest thousand. The source is Glassdoor, Salary and Payscale October 2022 data.

    Work-Life Balance

    The Benelux region reported a higher level of work-life balance than many other regions in our salary survey. There was a pattern that higher-paying jobs and industries tended to offer more intense working environments and less work-life balance. Some of the lower-level EA salaries often boasted exciting options in terms of work-life balance.

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    The Benelux region also boasted a diverse mix of benefits. Naturally, this is beneficial for Executive Assistants in this region. This region witnessed more common working from home and flexible benefits than many other regions.

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