Here we can see some key data on Executive Assistant Salaries. This Salary Survey has been compiled using average data provided by Glassdoor, a well-known employment website. We last updated this data in April 2022 and we have seen some rises in some key cities in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions. In the case of Executive Assistant roles, you will note a large variance in salaries. This is because Executive Assistants to CEOs and other C-Level Executives at major corporations often get significantly higher salaries. Certain industries pay very high salaries. These include Investment Banks, high-end Law Firms, Financial Services, and Oil and Gas.

Below you will see the salaries of Executive Assistants from major cities across Europe. The European countries covered in this survey include the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Outside of Europe, we covered popular locations like Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of the US and Canada, for our US and Canadian members.

Executive Assistant Salaries

We have compiled data on Executive Assistant Salaries to give our members and members of the public a clear idea of the types of salaries an Executive Assistant can expect in their country or city. Here you can see the average salary in your area and see some international comparisons.

UK Executive Assistant Salaries

Here you can see several UK cities and their salary survey details. We have seen most cities including London make very small gains since our last update one year ago. Leeds witnessed increases, as did Bristol.

CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries

All figures are rounded to the nearest thousand. The source is Glassdoor, April 2022 data.

London Executive Assistants earn high salaries often due to the high number of headquarters and high paying industries, such as Financial Services. We now see increasing numbers of higher-paying Executive Assistant jobs in other cities. This trend is expected to continue as remote working is becoming more common.

Executive Assistant SalariesWork-Life Balance

The higher-paying jobs often involve more fast-paced and intense working environments. This is not always the case but is something often experienced by people working high-paying jobs. We have often found the range in salary often presents Executive Assistants with the choice between salary and work-life balance. Therefore, the work-life balance and other intangibles need to be considered before setting your salary targets.


Benefits packages and non-financial benefits vary significantly according to our research, but these elements are harder to quantify. This is also something that will be different in each country listed here and even within the same country.

We will now look at several areas across Europe for the salary survey data. The large capital cities and cities with large companies tend to offer the largest numbers of Executive Assistant jobs.

Netherlands Executive Assistant Salaries

Here we have three major cities. There has been very small movement in the Netherlands since last year. Salaries have remained consistent in all three selected cities.

CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries
The Hague€46,000€46,000

All figures are rounded to the nearest thousand. The source is Glassdoor, April 2022 data.

Irish Executive Assistant Salaries

The Irish market has seen growth in this type of career and increasing numbers of roles that have salaries at the high end of the pay scale. Dublin salaries have seen significant rises in the last year. This correlates with economic data showing that the Dublin economy has grown in the last couple of years at a rapid rate. The high prevalence of IT, Finance and other high paying industries are contributing to this.

CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries

All figures are rounded to the nearest thousand. The source is Glassdoor, April 2022 data.

German Executive Assistant Salaries

Germany has a well-established Executive Assistant career path that includes a greater focus on executive, and business support. Therefore, we see higher salaries, especially in international companies. All cities listed in Germany saw an increase in salaries from 2021.

CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries

 All figures are rounded to the nearest thousand. The source is Glassdoor, April 2022 data.

Swiss and Austrian Executive Assistant Salaries

CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries
ZurichSFr 102,000SFr 124,000
All figures are rounded to the nearest thousand. The source is Glassdoor, April 2022 data.

Other European Cities

Cities such as Paris and Madrid see large ranges in salaries. This is often the case for Executive Assistant jobs in international companies and commonly we have seen a requirement to work in English in these Executive Assistant jobs.

CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries
StockholmKr 455,220Kr 588,000

We have also compiled some data from the Middle East and Asia. Here you can see some of the major areas where you will find Executive Assistant careers. We have not included data from the US and Canada, this will be completed in another survey later in 2022. Many US Executive Assistants have been asking for the survey so it will be published shortly.

Gulf States, Asian and Australian Executive Assistant Salaries

CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries
DubaiAED 144,000AED 240,000
DohaQAR 144,000QAR 240,000
Hong KongHK$438,000HK$950,000
Abu DhabiAED 153,000AED 300,000

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