Many Executive Assistants are asking what is the role of the Company Secretary. Senior Executive Assistants who work for CFOs, CEOs and other senior executives are likely to encounter Company Secretaries. This is because a company secretary works on the corporate governance and legal administration of a company.

Company Secretaries will ensure that the company is in compliance with financial and legal regulations, they will be responsible for the company’s statutory registers and provide advice and support at any shareholder or board meetings that take place.

Executive Assistant and Company Secretary Jobs

In some countries, you must have a Company Secretary and in others, you do not need Company Secretaries. For example, within the USA some states require it and others do not. This applies internationally too, as some countries still require a Company Secretary and other countries have dropped this requirement.

Roles and responsibilities of a Company Secretary?

They complete all documentation for the company registered in your country. This will include the submission of the company accounts. They keep records of shareholders and the amount of ownership each shareholder has. They will do all other record-keeping and submission for the main regulators of companies in your countries.

Why do Executive Assistants need to know about Company Secretaries?

Many countries have dropped the formal requirement for a full-time company Secretary. Additionally, many of the returns are now easy to complete. This becomes online web filing available in most developed countries now.

Company Secretary

This has led to many organisations not needing to continue employing their company secretaries. However, the returns still exist, albeit they may be easier and routine to be carried out. Therefore, the person providing direct support and business assistance to the Executives is the natural person to carry out any company secretarial role. Therefore, many Executive Assistants are finding themselves adding Company Secretarial duties to their extensive repertoire.

Upskill to avoid errors in Company Secretarial roles

Executive Assistants should consider upskilling in order to avoid any errors. This means attending a training course for Executive Assistants that covers Company Secretarial skills. In order to carry out the tasks, you will need some understanding of Corporate Law, Finance and Company Secretarial tasks. Also, being a well organised professional will ensure that you have everything you need to ensure that you meet the numerous deadlines imposed on companies. The Company Secretary Course for Executive Assistants can help you gain an understanding of this subject and ensure that you are confident when faced with any Company Secretary responsibilities coming into your job. CLICK HERE to find out more.