The IEAA offers a selection of Certificates and Diplomas available for Executive PAs. Our Executive PA Courses enable the development of the ability to work effectively within the Executive area. Therefore, these qualifications provide the skills, awareness and confidence needed for an Executive PA to perform at their highest ability and in partnership with the executive manager. Our Executive PA Courses forms Level 4 of our qualification framework.

Executive PA Courses

Our students can continue their studies up to Level 5, where they can obtain the more advanced Level 5 Executive Assistant Diploma. All details of these different levels can be found on the qualifications page. Our Courses and Diplomas offer you the ability to develop your career and gain a professional qualification that will strengthen your CV and career options.

Other training options

Out Level 3 PA Courses are available for people who are not yet ready to take the Level 4 qualification. This will focus more on the core skills of a PA and provide the mix of skills needed to be a successful PA. If you are more interested in the Level 3 – PA Courses, you can opt to take this level and later progress to become an Executive PA.

We additionally have Advanced Executive Assistant Courses and Microsoft Office Courses, which offer a more diverse range of training options.

Below you can see details of the courses at the Executive PA Level 4 part of our qualification.

Accredited Courses

The IEAA ensures that our accredited training providers deliver to our high professional standards and trainers are of the highest standards.

Professional Qualifications

Gain internationally recognised professional careers that will build your career options. Consolidate your skills with certifications.

Career Development

Build your career skills and join our qualification that is designed to guide our learners in the advancement of their career.