You may have noticed recently how numerous PA jobs are on job directories. At any given time, a company seems to be searching for a resourceful, skilful and attentive PA. But what exactly does a PA do? What is the job description for a similar position? Do you need accreditations? If so, how can you get those? Below we have the answer to all of the previous questions.

What is a PA?

A personal assistant is an employee with daily management attributes. From setting up the meetings and the daily schedule of their superiors to answering the telephone, email and note-taking, and secretarial and administrative support, these all are dealt with by a personal assistant. Depending on the company for which you work, the profile of their activity, but also the individual preferences of your direct manager, the job description as a personal assistant may vary.

What does it take to become a PA?

You will first have to get qualified if you want to be one of the highly valued PAs in London. While the jobs with a similar profile are plentiful in London, you have to get all the needed accreditations. As far as PA jobs are concerned, there are no actual degrees that you can get. Having the right skill set will most certainly help. However, following some PA courses will contribute as well. While the institutions providing such training are numerous, you will have to carefully select one of the best PA courses in London, that also happens to have CPD Standard Institute accreditations. For higher employment chances, experts claim that those with Maths & English GCSE – Grade A*-C, as well as some business-related qualifications, will help you outshine other candidates.

Necessary skills

To increase your chances of finding a well-paying PA job, you must have a mix of skills in various fields.

  • Organizational skills – Being the foundation of a valued PA, organizational skills shouldn’t lack from your aptitude set. You will be using these skills daily, and without these keeping track of your daily tasks will be difficult. You will have to keep track of your tasks, but also your direct manager’s tasks, so work to develop these.
  • IT skills – Using a computer is mandatory in today’s business world, and you will be using a computer daily, as a PA. Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access knowledge is mandatory, as well as using various email services, electronic calendars and planners, and most obviously, the Internet.
  • Time Management – Time is one of those highly valued resources by all managers and being able to effectively divide your tasks and manage your time will turn you into a valuable asset for the company.
  • Written and verbal communication – Your entire career will be determined by how good you communicate and express yourself both verbally and written. You will be required to keep in touch with collaborators and clients by telephone and email, equally.

PA jobs are an extraordinary career path, with a generous job market. However, make sure that you have all the necessary skills and certifications and only use accredited PA course providers in your training.