Exactly what’s it truly like working in the finance sector and just what can you expect from a career in this region?

Accounting and Finance Jobs in London

What occupation?

There is a large number of fiscal occupations you could get into and they’re able to change a great deal between being very high paid and glamorous (Gordon Gekko, anyone?) to being more secure banking and accounting professions. Of course, in the event that you reach the top of your game in almost any financial professional, you’re taking a look at huge benefits when it comes to effort, after which you’ll be able to attain most of the pleasure you need.

Some of the occupations found in this area are:

Bookkeeping tech



Chartered accountant

Investment banker

Corporate treasurer

Financial adviser

Fiscal dealer

Investment analyst

Tax adviser/inspector


Our advice is if you’re interested in this business remain open-minded. However, there are huge differences in the pay and opportunities in the job descriptions above.

Finance Jobs

Have you got what it takes?

Clearly, you’ll have a huge advantage if you have a degree within the faculty like maths, economics, accountancy, finance or business. But if you are to hold a far more business-focused degree this might also operate in your favour.

However, if this can be the specific situation is unable to be done and you end up striking out and doing internships and examining the added qualifications don’t get too downhearted.

... But what’s it REALLY like?

Sadly, life is not like the pictures and these professions may be rough. Extremely rough. You’ll have large goals that must be satisfied and, in accordance with everything you just go into it with an open mind, perhaps you are expected to schmooze customers in your evenings and at weekends, in some Finance jobs.

Additionally, fiscal professions have some of the longest hours when you look at the company and you are going to be likely to set up or shut up, especially as a graduate trainee. You’ve got to adore number crunching if you choose a career in bookkeeping, and you should be patient.

The monetary benefits during these professions could be excellent and also the work can certainly be quite varied, and thus it can be a lot more than number crunching. It can additionally lead to even whole markets and entire companies – be cautious to use your power.

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