Finance Course for an Executive Assistant – 2 Day Version



The two-day version of our Finance Course for Executive Assistants is delivered in a virtual classroom by an experienced Finance trainer. The course provides Executive Assistants or similar Administrative professionals with greater confidence in dealing with financial topics they encounter. The two-day version of the system offers a second day of training, enabling delegates to practice what they have learned on day one and further consolidate their new skills.

Executive Assistants who attend managerial meetings will often encounter financial reports and terminology. Furthermore, they may need to take minutes of these meetings. Therefore, this Finance Course for Executive Assistants provides knowledge of financial terms and reports to deal with financial concepts and reports in their roles confidently.

Finance Course for an Executive Assistant

Course Format

Two-day tutor-led course taught by a qualified financial professional. The course is presented in an interactive, practical format.

Course Content

Day One

  • Financial Reports
  • The profit and loss account (income statement) explained
  • The balance sheet explained
  • Cash flow statements
  • Look at real examples of financial reports and use case studies to understand their value.
  • Analyses of components of a submitted financial account
  • What are Working Capital and liquidity
  • Cash-flow and Accruals
  • Understanding CAPEX and OPEX
  • What is budgeting and forecasting
  • Cost control and management; categorisation of costs
  • Use of real-life accounts to consolidate learning

Day Two

  • Learning the meaning of different types of financial health
  • Understand the meaning of Working Capital, Liquidity and KPIs
  • How do Financial KPIs get used by managers to run an organisation
  • Practical exercises to review the financial health of the company
  • Understanding the differences between cash and profits
  • CAPEX Budgeting and Investment Appraisal
  • Financial Analysis of Financial Accounts
  • Understanding how managers control an organisation
  • Understanding cost control
  • Improving business performance

Dates and Duration

Two-day course in our live online virtual classroom from 10:30 to 16:30.

Suitable for

Individuals who require a deeper understanding of finance. You do not need any prior financial knowledge to take this course, as the fundamentals are discussed at the outset, allowing for later instruction on more complex issues.

Complementary Courses

Executive Assistants taking our Finance course often find the Bookkeeping Course and Budgeting Courses to be an ideal complement to the Finance Course.


  • Our Finance Course for Executive Assistants is delivered in a virtual classroom format by experienced finance trainers.
  • Our trainers are high-level professionals, Chartered Accountants, or experts in Financial Services.
  • Trainers have extensive experience instructing non-Financial professionals.
  • Our practical and interactive classroom setting ensures delegates develop real skills and confidence to handle financial information.
  • IEAA Finance for an Executive Assistant Certification is earned upon successful completion.
  • The course is also CPD-accredited. Financial bodies like ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW and more recognise CPD Standards.

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24th-25th June 2024, Book a future date