One of the worst career feelings in the world is that of Redundancy. As technology changes rapidly and each industry tries to adjust, being out of the job market for just a few years might lead to a lack of the proper skillset or outdated experience in the industry you are involved with. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue new career opportunities. In fact, that’s the reason why training courses following redundancy exist. They will help you not only get back up on your feet but also help you re-adjust to the work environment and get back to your best game, while also increasing your marketability and helping you stand out from the crowd.

Job Search After Redundancy

Being dismissed from your job doesn’t mean that you should stop your job search. In fact, the training course will teach you just what your rights are, what you are eligible for and how to get back into the game of the job search.

Changes in the Job Market

Not having searched for a job for a few years also means that you won’t be familiar with all the new tactics that people are using to get the job of their dreams. Even if you have vast experience in a field, chances are that someone with less experience might get the job position you are the best fit for, simply because of proper marketability.

For example, today social networks for professionals, such as LinkedIn, help people market themselves better to their employers. In fact, a lot of people are searching for candidates directly on the platform. That means that if you want to find the job of your dreams, you should be aware of all the different ways you can market yourself.

In addition, a simple hand-written CV or a text-based one is not enough. Today, software apps and other design tools help people create unique and eye-catching CVs that stand out from the crowd regardless of the actual experience of a person. Yet, if you manage to employ all these new tactics and have better experience in an industry or in a job position than others, you might increase your chances of being hired.

How to Win that Interview via Training Courses Following Redundancy

One of the biggest issues most people face when searching for a job following redundancy is that they are simply not used to doing interviews. That’s why in the training course you might be subjected to different methods and tactics you can use to be more confident and actually win the hard negotiation that is an interview. Being thought and facing the most difficult questions asked in interviews today is a great way to get back on the horse in finding a job after redundancy.

Training Courses following Redundancy

Of course, there are a number of other benefits of attending training courses following redundancy. You will not only be able to meet and network with people in your position, but you will be able to get valuable advice and proper accreditation that will help you skyrocket your career to new and exciting heights. Make sure to learn more about how we can help you do that via our training courses following redundancy right here.