Businesses needs adapt and change over time and so do job roles and requirements. In other words, we must ensure our knowledge and skills are up-to-date and sharpened- constantly on the look out to improve ourselves and up our game.

Finance Career Skills

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Executive PA and Executive assistants must ensure that they have relevant skills and knowledge to perform well in work. To succeed in this role will mean taking their managerial skills to another level. Managerial skills include soft skills and technical skills. Soft skills are simply people skills that is difficult to quantify. Technical skills are quantifiable.

Successful Executive PA in London

The technical skills that Executive PAs need include Project Management, Event Management, writing skills, business skills, financial skills and much more. Financial skills are necessary if you participate in meetings or presentations where you encounter business and financial conversations.

Without financial skills such as understanding important financial key terms or the skill to analyse financial figures, you will find yourself struggling to comprehend anything throughout the meeting. It’ll be completely Greek to you. It’s best to learn the necessary terms and requisite skills in order for you to get the most out of the meeting. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of everyone’s time and time is money.

There are many finance courses for non-financial professionals to undertake. PAs who are looking to move up the ladder to becoming an executive assistant will also need finance skills. Therefore, PAs, Executive Assistants and Executive PAs should take up courses that can help them do their jobs.

Bookkeeping Careers London

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One option is to take a Bookkeeping course which will teach you the vital financial terminologies and other administrative tasks such as invoicing and recording transactions. This course will, however, not teach you how to make decisions.

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