Social Media has been rapidly evolving over the past couple of years from a place where you share your social life to a Bahamut in presenting yourself to your potential future bosses. While LinkedIn and Facebook are probably the first two networks you think of when searching for a Job, Twitter is also a reliable source for jobs and is often the better option due to the low levels of competitiveness. If you want to find a job using Twitter, you’ve come to the right place, as we have just the perfect tips for you. Without further adieu, here are our top Twitter Job Tips.

Why Apply for a Job through Twitter?

Finding Jobs on Twitter is far easier compared to other social media. This is primarily because of the low levels of competition. What’s more, Twitter helps you easily get familiar with the overall brand and message of the company and it helps you understand what your potential future boss is searching for.

How to find a Job using Twitter?

First and foremost, you should be familiar with the social platform. Being able to easily go through the different hashtags and finding just the right people in the area and industry you are interested in is crucial for finding a job using Twitter.

Get a Job using Twitter

Build your profile

Before starting your search, you should build a professional Twitter profile. This means that your profile picture and cover photo, as well as your description, should scream of professional nature. Nevertheless, do try to stand out from the crowd. Instead of the bland motivational quote or city landscape, go for a different cover photo.

Be Careful of What you Tweet

Like other social networks, Twitter is a place where you present yourself. Make sure to mix both personal and professional tweets. Your future employers don’t necessarily want to see a photo of what you’ve had for lunch. Nevertheless, sharing something from your personal life that makes you seem like you have a certain professional skill will definitely help you out. Going to the gym regularly? Getting up early? Have a routine? These are all personal characteristics that speak volumes to employers.

Follow the Right People

When searching for a job on Twitter, you should know who to follow. First and foremost, be sure to follow everything that is related to the industry you want to be working in. Finding the profiles of potential employers should be relatively easy, thus make sure that you follow them. What’s more, there are a lot of job centres and agents available on Twitter, who regularly post different job opportunities, make sure to follow them as well. Also, don’t forget to be on your toes and be able to quickly apply for the position so that you are the first one to get it.

Keep up with the Trends to be on Top

If you want to find a job using Twitter, you should be always on Twitter. Make sure to keep up with the latest trends and build your profile, as well as your social image. Follow the right people and make sure that you know what you are doing and what’s happening in your industry. If you do all that, you’ll be able to get a job in no time. Find out how to get a job on LinkedIn here