PAs to get your body back

Have you piled on pounds in your hips and around your waist after excessively indulging over Christmas with slabs of turkey, mince pies, roasted potatoes, gravy, booze and other scrumptious stuff? Do you feel sluggish, bloated or pains in your joints? Do you notice bad skin, rolls of fat through your shirt and are your jeans feeling a bit too tight around your waist? Don’t worry, the damage is done but it can be reversed. Across London people are focussing on getting healthy again, here is some help for PAs to get your body back to the way you like.

Health Suggestions

For many of us, our New Years resolution is to shift those pounds and get back into shape. One of the best ways to get back into shape physically and mentally for the New Year is to detoxify your body. Detoxifying means flushing or cleansing out harmful toxins from your body so that you feel better on the inside and look stunning on the outside. Cleanse your body or lose some weight with these top detoxifying tips.

  • Exercise- Kick-start your detox journey by working up a sweat through exercising- blood will circulate around your body and nutrients from food will distribute to vital muscles and organs to help them fully functional. Also, toxins will leave your body at a faster rate. In addition, exercise sparks endorphin production which makes you feel happy and battles any feelings of depression.
  • Yoga- Get fresh and light through practising a few yoga poses. Yoga ensures the detoxifying departments of the body is fully functioning. By twisting your body, you are enhancing your body’s ability to digest food and the ability of your liver and kidneys to flush away toxins from your body. The bottom line is that yoga will bring positive energy into your life by centring your mind, body and soul.
  • Sauna- Sauna culture is widely popular due to its health benefits. One benefit is that clogged up pores and tonnes of toxins are flushed out during a sauna session since the intense heat makes you sweat buckets. Therefore after a good, long workout, it’s ideal to head to a sauna to build up more sweat. Another benefit is that it helps the body produce more white blood cells and those cells help fight against illnesses.

Healthy Eating

  • Drink green tea- Find water slightly boring? Hydrate yourself by drinking green tea. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and it has powerful effects on the body. It’s said to help with weight loss, lower the risk of cancer, reduce cholesterol and slow down the growth of bacteria.
  • Eat clean- live a healthier life and reboot your system by eating better-for-you meals and snacking on a variety of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies and whole grains are high in fibre which helps clean out the digestive tract. They’re naturally rich in water so your body will be hydrated for longer. On top of everything, they’ll help your body lose some of those unwanted pounds.

Get yourself back into shape by incorporating all these tips into your daily routine. You should be able to see and feel the difference between your old self and your new self in 7 days time. Your eyes should sparkle, your skin should look radiant and you should feel fabulous!