There comes a time when we’re all faced with a performance review at work. Though most people dread it and go into their performance review thinking the worst, that’s rarely the case. In fact, you should treat your performance review as a learning experience and an opportunity to impress a manager or boss. After all, with so many people to manage it’s important that you find a way to stand out. By following these simple points you are sure to ace it.

How to Ace Your Performance Review

  • Have Achievable Objectives

A lot of people make the mistake of having unachievable objects, thinking that if they say “yes” to everything their managers ask them to do they’ll look like a hardworking individuals. However, this runs the risk of not achieving all of the objectives that have been set. Instead, push back a little and politely suggest objectives that you feel are more reasonable and achievable. It’s better to have achievable objectives from the outset, rather than making excuses for not meeting them in your performance review.

  • Take the Time to Prepare

Whether you like it or not you will be judged and scrutinised in your performance review, even if you’re a model employee. By taking the time to prepare beforehand, you’ll be able to gain back a lot of trust and respect by understanding what’s being said and knowing the improvements that can be made. For example, note down any major goals you achieved or important projects you contributed towards.

  • Solve Problems

Instead of trying to play down any mistakes or errors, have solutions ready so that the problem doesn’t happen again. Mentioning something you did wrong before your manager does and suggesting how the problem could be avoided in the future shows a lot of growth and professionalism. Plus, it highlights that you’re taking your errors seriously and have given them some thought. This also turns the negative error into a positive solution.

  • Keep Things in Perspective

Before going into a performance review, put yourself in your manager’s shoes; think about what they are looking for and tailor your approach accordingly. Some managers will want in-depth feedback from you in regard to how well you feel you are doing in your role, whereas otherwise will just want the facts of what you have done and how it has benefited the company.

  • Show Your Passion

One of the biggest mistakes people make in a performance review is to appear disinterested and bored. Showing your passion not only helps you to stand out as a memorable employee, but a manager is much more likely to remember your successes. With large teams of people to manage, bosses will be looking for those who remain positive and passionate regardless of how the review is going.

  • Build Relationships and Partnerships

Your personal objectives will have been given in line with much wider business objectives, so work with others to achieve both yours and their targets. Not only does this show that you can work well as a team but it shows you are willing to use your initiative; something managers love! Mention any plans to work with others and any ongoing partnerships you have in your performance review.

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