I have been working for many years and have changed my career a couple of times. Since, I had started my career working as a receptionist at a major landmark in London. However, I outgrew the role and looked to move out of this type of work. Moving jobs requires CV editing. So I had to ask an agent to help me write a CV. I never made a dramatic separation from my previous job, but my changes required careful manoeuvring and ambition.

Help me write a CV
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My first move was to become a Clerical Assistant. This was not so easy because I had not encountered a lot of these administrative tasks before. My receptionist role was more of a front office role and I did very little typing, filing and other such tasks. In reality, I lacked experience to realise my skill deficiency and tried to apply for jobs that I was not ready to attain. My friends advised me to take a course and I decided to enrol at a college for an Administration course. This course helped me gain these essential skills and most importantly, gave my CV a much needed relevant qualification.
This was all that I needed. I sent out my CV and managed to get a job as a clerk in a professional services firm. I loved the job, but after a while I felt that I had fallen behind the earnings level of my peers. Therefore, I had to find a new job and I was aware that a career change may be necessary to really get the most of out a job move. I set my heart on becoming a Secretary as the wages seemed to be higher and from there I could continue to progress to more senior roles.
My typing speed and organisational skills were not good enough to make the change. Therefore, I found it necessary to take another course. This time I took a Secretary Course at a college. It was very interesting and elevated my level of confidence. However, this job market was now very competitive, so I had to really work on reselling my CV.
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There were not enough jobs out there. So I needed to work on my image and how I appeared to the companies that I applied to. So here are the steps I took to remodel my CV:
  • Analyse the job role
  • Study the skills needed
  • Evaluate¬†my previous experience
  • Match my transferable skills to the needed skills
  • Change my CV to highlight the relevant skills
  • Send out my CV

This methodology worked very well for me. This new CV worked well as I was invited for an interview. Needless to say, I was offered the job and am delighted to be working for this company.