In order to progress your career, you should have a plan and a goal. Set your goals for 5 year periods and then see if you have achieved your goals. Obviously, there is some behind the scenes work to be done. You need a positive attitude and equip yourself with the necessary skills in order to achieve these goals.

To achieve your goals, you should find efficient and effective ways with your tasks, embrace change and thrive to make your company profitable. In this way, your job will be secure; you will have a share in the profit in the form of increments and, last but not least, you will have great job satisfaction. You should make informed decisions and be accountable for the result and your actions.

You need to mould your career by developing your skills, relationship with your team in order to have a workable and proactive mindset.

Be a top performer

The leaders in today’s world tend to be sharp and anticipate issues so they have solutions at the ready. They are masters of energy and time. As a result of this, the administration staff need to be attentive, resilient and well prepared for any problem they encounter.

Managers have high expectations of their staff. In today’s world, administration staff often works for more than one manager. This means understanding the manager, understanding his or her way of working and identifying his weaknesses and thereby supporting him/her in order to make a stronger team.

These qualities will assist greatly in taking you from average to outstanding. You will reach higher levels of achievements and you will have tremendous job satisfaction and immense confidence in yourself.

The outstanding employee is usually given additional duties and more thought-provoking duties. The outstanding employee will continually endeavour for professional and individual excellence. They will approach each day with a positive, can do attitude.

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