LinkedIn is one of the most popular ways now to find a new job and people are spending a lot of time and resources building their image and presence within LinkedIn. If you can follow these guidelines on how to get a job using LinkedIn, you should be able to greatly improve your capability of finding a new job. The focus is on groups, interactions and your profile, in order to optimise your position.

  1. Set your LinkedIn profile

Select the most appropriate job title and this will ensure that you are visible. Your LinkedIn profile needs to clearly summarise your CV and use the appropriate keywords, so that LinkedIn can include you in searches. Profiles with the most visibility will include the keywords for your industry that will be most commonly searched.

How to get a Job Using LinkedIn

To Get a Job using LinkedIn

  1. Interact with others

Making more connections and broadening your network will ensure that you gain more potential visibility, try to focus on the job types that are most relevant to you.

  1. Try to like employers and agencies

This will ensure that you will receive a live feed of new job opportunities and enable you to be one of the first people to apply for the job. Social media is often the first place that new roles are advertised and LinkedIn is the place where job roles are promoted.

  1. Join relevant LinkedIn Groups

Increase your views of your profile by joining relevant groups and make regular, effective and interesting comments when you can. This will show how good you are in your role and that you would be an asset to any employer. It also makes you more visible to potential networking opportunities.

  1. Etiquette

Be courteous and be approachable!!

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