Many of us do not really like Social Media but it is now dominant in many spheres of life, including recruitment and job seeking. The majority of recruiters and employers now circulate job vacancies through social media. Therefore, we should now also be paying attention to social media if you want to increase your chances of finding the best available job. The focus of this article is Twitter and Facebook, however LinkedIn is also very important.


Facebook is a more private form of social media, as it has numerous controls to protect the individual. This means that the public may not be able to see your profile. Nevertheless, pay careful attention to the persona that you present on Facebook. Hiring managers and recruiters will often look up candidates on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to try and get some background on the individuals.

Candidates that have inappropriate photos that are visible in their profile can be fun for you and your friends, but creating a poor image when applying for a job is something we can do without. Therefore, increasing privacy settings and cleaning your profile could be advisable for anyone looking for a job. It is not the most effective way to get a job, but you can get a job using facebook. However, Twitter is a more efficient way to get a job.


Twitter is searchable and has limited privacy, your Twitter profile is likely to always have some visibility. It is a great place for employers and recruiters to cheaply advertise job vacancies and reach out to keen and proactive candidates. Therefore, here you can make yourself visible to anyone that is headhunting on Twitter and also be the first to see job postings, as you see the advert in real time.
How to get an Account in Twitter for jobseekers

·         Open an account with a well worded 140 character profile. Try to use the keywords such as #Secretary or #PA, if you are looking for a PA or Secretary Job. The hashtags in Twitter make the following term searchable. 
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·         Add a professional photo, a little personality can be beneficial but a professional image is ideal.
·         Look for highly relevant recruiters and employer twitter profiles and follow them, which will make Twitter aware that you are a jobseeking PA or whatever job you are looking for.
·         Keep tuned and you will get relevant tweets with job opportunities.
·        Follow other profiles of PAs, which will make Twitter prompt recruiters to look at your profile. This can encourage direct job offers, which makes things even easier. Therefore, we can see how easy it is to get a job using twitter.

   Get a job using Twitter

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