Having spent a lot of time preparing my own CV, I am all too aware that it is very difficult to understand how to get a CV that does what you want it to. What you need to remember is that the CV that you made perfect is only perfect for the job that you applied for before. It will always need adjusting to make it the match for another job or job type. You must ensure that you write a good CV.

How to write a Good CV

So what should I do to start preparing my CV?

  • Firstly, you should look at your CV for material that you think is no longer relevant. It happens we get older and more experienced, or we may say mature!! All of a sudden things become irrelevant and we need to drop them from our CV.
  • Study the job market and CV guidance websites to ensure that you get assistance with format and structure.
  • Look at the job market and find the typical skills and requirements.
  • Match your CV to the job market skills and requirements.
  • Make sure that you make your CV keyword heavy and that the main selling points are the first thing that can be seen when you glance at the CV.
  • Once you have completed your look carefully at the format.
  • The format will help draw focus on the keywords.
  • Have other people critique the CV.
  • Finally, come back and edit your CV again with fresh eyes.
  • At this point, you will hope that this CV is the finished article and you can start applying.

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You should also look at career information to refresh your mind. Remember CV editor and the like cannot fix your CV without your real input. You are the person that has to explain in interviews and at work.