If you’re looking for an office job and you enjoy working with a diverse range of individuals, then a Human Resources assistant could be the perfect job for you. They play an important role since they are responsible for selecting, developing and retaining the most suitable candidates to help achieve business objectives.  This job is challenging but it’s equally highly rewarding.

HR Assistant Role

They have the following core responsibilities:

  • Recruitment and selection of employees
    There are a few steps to take when it comes to recruiting employees. You’ll need to create and advertise job descriptions, review application forms, short-list applicants, interview them and finally select the finest candidates for the post.
  • Motivate employees
    A successful business can be explained by motivated employees. Demotivated employees will only result in poor quality work and possibly an increase in employee turnover. HR assistants must employ effective ways to clamp down these problems. A simple rule is to identify what each individual employee wants and devise a plan to encourage them to earn it.
  • Disciplinary procedures- There are standards of conduct that all staff must follow as it ensures equality in the workplace. If anyone fails to meet the required standards then the HR assistant must step in to address this issue by taking necessary disciplinary action.
  • Training employees- Just like metal, our skills get rusty over time if we don’t constantly brush it up. HR assistants are responsible for training and developing employees when necessary. Well-trained employees will make them more effective in their jobs, thus directly benefiting the company.


On top of these responsibilities, HR assistants must have a solid knowledge of HR practices and a good grasp of employment law. If you’re interested in becoming an HR or you encounter HR functions in your job role, then I advise you to start by taking up the Human Resource Management Foundation Course. Click Human Resources Assistants Course to apply. This course will provide you with a well-grounded knowledge of the role of an HR assistant.