Gender stereotypes are a thing of the past. Today, women are keener to juggle a career and take care of their children than ever before. In fact, for millennials, being a working mum is a top priority and they often consider building a career and a family at the same time. Yet, for you to be able to do that, as a working mum, you should have a flexible career that allows you to allocate time for your family while providing you with the needed remuneration and job satisfaction that you require. That’s why to help you out we’ve gathered a few top career options that are perfectly flexible. Let’s get started.

#1 – Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are becoming far more popular. As technology and software products allow us to more easily connect and do our jobs at a distance, assistants are able to help various professionals and company executives without the need to leave their homes. Even though the remuneration varies, chances are you will be able to do your job at your own time from the comfort of your home while taking care of your family. This makes the virtual assistant position perfect for working mums.

#2 – Accountants

While requiring certain accreditation and education, being an accountant is another flexible position that is great for working mums. Especially if you have prior experience in a similar industry or in finances, being an accountant might be a perfect choice. What’s more, you can work on a freelance basis as an accounting professional, giving you that much more time to spend with your kids.

#3 – Real Estate Agent

Technology also allows real estate agents to do their jobs faster, quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Especially if you have a thing for interior design and are a good salesperson, you will be able to become a great real estate agent. In fact, being a realtor or appraiser is one of the top positions for working mums, as it usually provides great compensation, while allowing you to avoid the usual nine to five working hours.

#4 – Makeup Artist/Nail Polish Expert/Hairdresser

While a lower-tier position that doesn’t have that great of remuneration, working as a makeup artist is a dream come true for many working mums. In fact, with social networks providing you with the chance to easily offer your services, you will be able to quickly gain clientele and after a quick course, you might be able to do this job from the comfort of your home.

#5 – Social Media Expert

Speaking of social media, if you have a thing for social networks, this might be the best opportunity for you. Today, social media experts are a top position that is sought after by dozens of employees and startups. What’s more, you can easily do it during flexible hours from the comfort of your home. This is also one of the best positions for working mums, as it provides great remuneration.